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Jurmalas Rogainings 2020

Jurmala Rogaine
(3, 6h), 4h (MTBO)

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Riga Orienteering Week will be a memorable event that includes 3 regular orienteering evening races from Tuesday to Thursday and two days of Riga Cup on the weekend. It will also offer various training opportunities during the whole week. In addition, besides the week of orienteering in the local sand dune terrain it will provide you with an opportunity to combine it with visiting the city Rīga - an architectural, artistic and cultural destination. Welcome to Riga! Behold, experience, enjoy!




Orienteering Series


Rīga, Mežaparks

Free start

from 16.00 to 19.30



Orienteering Series



Free start

from 16.00 to 19.30



Orienteering Series


Langstiņi - Makstenieki

Free start

from 16.00 to 19.30



Riga Sightseeing Tour



English, Swedish or

Russian speaking guide



Riga Cup 2015

Day 1 

Rīga, Bumbukalns

Middle distance        

World Ranking Event


Riga Cup 2015

Day 2

Rīga, Bumbukalns

Middle distance

Rīga Cup final 

Tue.14.- Sun.19.04.2015.




1. Rīga, Šmerlis

2.Rīga, Berģi

Other training options

available on request.

 4 training courses

~2,4,6 and 8 km



 Sample map - Šmerlis area

 Sample map - Berģi area



 Orienteering series Magnēts

Tuesday April 14
Mežaparks, Rīga

Wednesday April 15

Thursday April 16
Langstiņi - Makstenieki


How to get there? Jāņa Sēta map

Public transport:
Tram No.11, bus stop "Mežaparks"
Route planner available HERE

How to get there? Jāņa Sēta map

Public transport:
Buss No.23, bus stop "Skola"
Route planner available HERE

How to get there? Jāņa Sēta map

Public transport:
Buss No.28, bus stop "Langstiņi"
Route planner available HERE

Event details

Free start from 16.00 to 19.30
Finish closes on 21.00
SPORTident  system is used at all events.

Classes and approximate course lengths

 Course 1*     Course 2    Course 3    Course 4    Course 5    Course 6    Course 7    Course 8

W8, M8

W10, M10

W12, M12


W14, M14

W80, M80


W40B, W45B

W50, W55

W60, W65

W70, W75

M75, OPEN2

W16, W18

W21B, W35B

W40A, W45A

M60, M65

M70, OPEN3

W21A, W35A

M16, M21AK

M50, M55

M21C, M35B

M40B, M45B

M18, M21B

M40A, M45A

M21AL, M35A
1-2 km 2,5-4 km 3-4,5 km 4,5-5,5 km 5-7 km 5-7 km 6-8 km 7-10 km

* Marked course

Entry fees

Classes WM 8,10, 12, 14, 16, 18 - 2 EUR
Classes WM 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85 - 3 EUR
Other classes - 5 EUR

SPORTident card rent - 1 EUR


The 3 best runners in all classes will be awarded with diploma and prize 


  • Catering
  • Childcare
  • Orienteering shop

Magnēts O-School

Free orienteering training for children up to 12 every day at 18.30. 

 Sightseeing Tour
Friday April 17 16:00
English, Swedish or Russian speaking guide.
Length: 2 hours
Price: 16 EUR


Riga has a lot to see, first of all, it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. This more than 800 years old capital of Latvia is well know for it’s architecture Art Noveau. But there are more styles of architecture to see – Gothic style, Romanesque style, Classicism, Renaissance and Baroque. Between all these styles of architecture, there are 160 monuments in the Old part of Riga. To visit and see all of this you will need some assistance, our tour guides will explain, lead and show you these things, including visit to the churches in the Old part of Riga and lead you near the channel which is streching through the Old Riga. Enjoy this tour filled with information and knowledge, as well as charm of the narrow streets of the Old Riga. Start of the tour will be next to the Monument of Freedom, very important place for all Latvians.

Information about Riga Live Riga &

 Riga Cup
Saturtay April 18 - Sunday April 19


Bumbukalns, Rīga


18.04. Middle distance (WRE)
Start 14.00.

19.04. Middle distance
Start 11.00.

Chasing start for the elite classes on the 2nd day.

Competition classes:

Women, Men 8, 10 (both marked course), 12, 14, 16, 18E (WRE), 20E (WRE), 21E (WRE), 21A, 21B, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, OPEN1, OPEN2.

In case the total number of entries in the MW18-20-21E clases will exceed 120, the organisers reserve themselves a right to split classes 18 and 20 from 21E, thus leaving only MW21E in the WRE competition.


The main prize, that is sponsored by the association SAA "Magnets", will be given to the winners of overall ranking in MW18-20-21E classes.

Money prizes:

1st place - 350 EUR
2nd place - 250 EUR
3rd place - 200 EUR
4th place - 150 EUR
5th place - 100 EUR
6th place - 50 EUR                                                                                                                                                                        

The 3 best runners in 1st days WRE event will be awarded with a medal and a diploma.

In the other classes top 3 runners in the overall ranking will receive prizes.

Event centre and forbidden area:

Rīgas kausi 2015

Terrain description:

Mainly pine tree forest with several new forest plantations, regular track network, many roads and paths. Detailed sand dune terrain. Runability from good to very good. Marshes may be wet in the spring. 

Map samples:


Photos from the terrain:


More photos here


Deadline for the entries is Monday, 13th April 2015. After 13th April only vacant places will be available for an additional 50% of the entry fee.

Entry fees:

WM 8, 10 - 4 EUR (one day 3 EUR)
WM 12, 14, 16, 18 - 8 EUR (one day 5 EUR)
WM 21E - 20 EUR (one day 11 EUR)
WM 20, 60, 65, 70, 75 - 12 EUR (one day 7 EUR)
Other classes - 18 EUR (one day 10 EUR)

SI-card rent 1 EUR/day

In case of loss full value of the SI card must be refunded.

Directions for obtaining entry permits/visas:

List of countries citizens of which may enter the Republic of Latvia without a visa as well as information on how a visa can be obtained can be found here

Training opportunities:

Magnets organise training competitions in the region of Rīga 2-3 times a week all year around. More information and event calendar can be found on Magnets website.

Maps for individual training on relevant terrain are also available for purchase.

Flashback to year 2014 - results, sample maps, photos, video, gps tracking

 Riga Cup Bulletin is available HERE.


The online registration form HERE

 Model Event / Training


How to get there? Jāņa Sēta map

Public transport:
Buss No.1, 14, 21, 40,
bus stop "ALFA"

Route planner available HERE


How to get there? Jāņa Sēta map

Public transport:
Buss No.1 and 28, bus stop
"Rožu iela"

Route planner available HERE


4 training courses will be offered at each of the training areas with approximate course lengths ~2, 4, 6 and 8km. Controls will be marked with white/red ribbons and numbers in the forest. No electronical time keeping. Maps can be received at the event centre of any of the Magnets events. On request they can also be picked up the event office at Silciema iela 3, Riga.

Entry Fee

3 EUR per map


Accomodations in Riga :

Accommodation on hard floor in "IK Auseklis" club house, 3 EUR per night. Showers accessible. No cooking opportunities but shopping centre Alfa nearby provides a variety of dining options.


Special Riga Orienteering Week MUG can be ordered with the entry. The price is 6 EUR.

 Contact information
Ieva Freimane +371 29216088 


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