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Folks Rogaine, Baldone (4h, 8h)
Results, splits, photos

Jūrmala Rogaine, Jurmala
(3h, 6h, velo 4h)
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Riga Cup, Riga, Jaunciems

MTBO 3-days, Riga
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Bauska Rogaine, Bauska
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Tautas Rogainings, Baldone

Sun. 17.09.2017.

  Results, splits, photos  


                                               FOLKS ROGAINE


                                                     Bulletin 1  

 Event Organisers: SAA Magnēts and BJC IK Auseklis

 Event director: Henrijs Freimanis

Phone no: +371 29156451



Rogaining 4 and 8 hours;

Marathon - 42km course (time limit 8h);

Half-marathon - 21km course (time limit 8h)

 Start: 9:30

Maps will be handed out for Rogaine course planning at 8:45.

 Finish: 4h until 13:30, 8h until 17:30

 Event centre: Baldone, Riekstukalns

 Competition classes:

Marathon: Individual 

  • 42-MA (open) men all ages;
  • 42-WA (open) women all ages;

Half-marathon: Individual 

  • 21-MA (open) men all ages;
  • 21-WA (open) women all ages;

Rogaining: Teams of 2 to 5 people. 

rogaining 4h 

  • M (men open) men all ages;
  • W (women open) women all ages;
  • X (mixed open) men and women all ages;
  • G4 (families) - family members, for example father and daughter.

 rogaining 8h 

  • MJ (boys juniors) boys from 14 to 18 years old;
  • WJ (girls juniors) girls from 14 to 18 years old;
  • XJ (mixed juniors) mixed from 14 to 18 years old;
  • MO (men open) men;
  • WO (women open) women;
  • XO (mixed open) men and women;
  • MV (men seniors) men over 40 years;
  • WV (women seniors) women over 40 years;
  • XV (mixed seniors) men and women over 40 years;
  • MSV (men seniors) men over 55 years;
  • WSV (women seniors) women over 55 years;
  • XSV (mixed seniors) men and women over 55 years;
  • G8 (families) - family members, for example father and daughter.

Age of competitors is defined as of 17.09.2017. Competitors younger than 14 years can take part in the competition only with written permission from their parents. Competitors are responsible for their own health during the competition.

 Time keeping:

SPORTident  time-keeping system will be used. Each participant must use their own SI-card.

 Terrain description:

Hilly terrain with its highest point being Riekstukalns (85 m.a.s.l.). Coniferous and mixed forests of various age, many open areas, clearings and marshes. Regular track and path ne in the forest. Runnability from good to average, in some areas bad. Several flooded ditches in the area. Many remote houses in the area-beware of dogs!



Scale: 1:20 000, contours 2,5m.

 Entry fees:

Up to 18 years and over 62 years old: 6 EUR (each participant, regardless the competition class)

Others: 12 EUR (each participant, regerdless the competition class)

SPORTIdent rent: 1 EUR (each member of a team must use their own SI card)

Entry fee can be payed either by a bank transfer or at the event centre.

Your entry is considered as a guarantee for paying the entry fee. Those who have entered but are not starting at the competitions must pay 50% of the entry fee. 

Childrens Hike is for free for kids whose parents participate in competitions.

 Payment details:

Sporta un atpūtas apvienība "Magnēts"
Reg. No. 40008078419
Address: Fazānu iela 5, Garkalnes pagasts, Sunīsi LV-2137, Latvia
Bank: AS Swedbanka
IBAN: LV88 HABA 0551 0284 7307 4


Entries until 14.09.2017. 23:59

  Photos and results from Folks Rogaine 2016 can be viewed HERE.




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