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Rīgas Stafetes, Vārnukrogs

Sun. 30.08.2015.

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Competition centre:
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Riga Relay 2015


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  Event Organisation

SAA "Magnēts" and BJC "IK Auseklis"

  Event Director

Henrijs Freimanis


  Event Programme

Club relay with 7 legs for teams of 10 people.

  Time and place

Event takes place on August 30th. Start at 11.00.
Event centre is located near Vārnukrogs. There will be road signs from Babīte turn to Vārnukrogs road. 

Event arena scheme:

 General rules for making teams


Age restrictions are mandatory for all teams. There are no restrictions for age or gender of runners in each particular leg.


Number of runners   Class restrictions
2   Any
2   Any women
1   Up to M20 or M35 and older or any women class       
1   Up to M18 or M45 and older or any women class
1   Up to W20, M16 or W40, M50 and older
2   Up to W16, M14 or W45, M55 and older
1   Up to W12, M12 or W60, M70 and older


  Rules for forming teams 

  • Teams can be formed from runners within one club.
  • Those who do not belong to any club are allowed to make teams with others who do not belong any club. 
  • Smaller clubs are allowed to take part in the relay with combined teams. No more than 2 clubs can build such team. Runners not belonging to any club or team can also join such combined team. 
  • If having any uncertainties please contact the organizers.

  Approximate course lengths and difficulty level:

 Leg Course length and controls Course difficulty
1 8,7km 26 cp Difficult
2 6,3km 22 cp Moderately easy
3 6,3km 18 cp Moderately difficult
4 5,9km 23 cp Moderately easy
5 3,2km  11 cp Very easy
6 3,9km  12 cp Easy
7 7,8km 25 cp Difficult

  Time keeping


Touch-free punching SPORTident Air+(SIAC1) for legs 1 and 7. SIAC1 cards are provided by organizers free of charge. For other legs touch-free system will not function. Teams will receive usage instructions simultaneously with race information. There will be opportunity to try the SIAC1 cards in action before the start. 

Things to remember:

SIAC1 card has to be cleared before start in the same way as any SI card using CLEAR station. The card is activated in CHECK station by inserting it. A green blinking LED signal indicates that the card is activated. When approaching the control a red blinking signal indicates that punching is OK (distance from the control up to 30 cm). FINISH station is touch-free. FINISH deactivates the SIAC1 card switching off touch-free mode.

SPORTIdent  timekeeping system will be used. Both private and hired SI- cards can be used. If no personal SI-card number is provided together with the entry organisers will provide their own SI-card, no changes can be made at the event centre. SI-card rent - 1EUR.

  General Information

  • Mass start for the first leg at 11.00.
  • Clear your SI-card before entering the changeover zone.
  • Changeover is done by punching at the finish control and touching the next runner by hand.
  • After changeover next runner takes their map with the number of the team and goes out in the forest. Please CHECK if it is the right number on the map before taking it!
  • Second, fourth and sixth legs are parallel- two runners are running at the same time.
  • On the second and fourth leg every runner runs the first loop of the course, then at a special zone waits for the other runner, then they change maps with each other and run the other part of the course. The physical and technical level of both loops is planned to be equal.
  • Runners of the parallel legs are only allowed to finish together. They wait for each other at a special zone provided for this.
  • Forking system can be used in all 7 legs.
  • Winning team is decided after the first last-leg runner who crosses the finish line.

  Map and Terrain description

Map scale for 1st, 3rd and 7th leg 1:10 000, for other legs 1:7 500, contours 2,5m, revised year 2014/2015, mapper Māris Strautnieks.
Terrain: Pine tree forest with mainly good runability. Varied sand dune forms.


 Fragments of the old map:



Online entry form will be available toghether with the 2nd bulletin.

  Entry Fee

Entry fee is 70EUR for a team.
There will be one extra set of maps at the event centre, entry fee 70 EUR.

  Prize Giving

First 6 teams will be given prizes. 

Additional prizes to the fastest runner on leg control 54 and 55 for both male and female orienteers. Condition: the prize can only go to runner whose team has finished the race successfully. The prize Moscompass Model 9 SuperElite kompass

  Special Rules

Runners are not allowed to visit the competition area before their start.

Attention! The traditional club photographing will take place before the start. Therefore we kindly ask you to arrive at the event centre in good time for that. Each club will receive a photo after the finish. 

 Visual Information

 Photos and results from Club Relay 2014 can be found here




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